What’s .RAM?

.RAM also can be short for Real Audio Metadata, which is a file extension that belongs to Audio Files of RealNetworks. Your Operating System will go through the registry, find the file association and then open .RAM file properly. .RAM file can be opened by many programs such as RealNetworks RealPlayer, J. River Media Center, DVDVideoSoft Free Audio Converter, VideoLAN VLC media player etc.

Can .RAM be reconvered?

If you delete your .RAM file by accident or just lost it, can the lost .RAM file be recovered? And the answer is Yes. With a powerful data recovery software, you can easily recover your lost .RAM file,MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the most powerful data recovery tool recommended here, and follow the steps on how to recover the .RAM file with Power Data Recovery for free.

1.  Free download Power Data Recovery and install it (do not install the recovery software in the infected hard disk).

2.  Launch power data recovery you will get a clear interface.

3. To recover files from damaged partition, please select and click the functional module Digital Media Recovery.

4. Select the disk where your .RAM losses and click Recover button to scan the selected disk, once MiniTool finishes the quick scan, you will get recommended partitions.

5. Select the partition whose partition state is most similar to that of desired partition and click Show Files button. 

Here, you can recover files. Check files which need recovering and click Save Files to save these recovered files to a safe place (do not save them to the same place where you lost them).

More information about RAM

RAM is short for Random Access Memory is the short storage area for your PC. Often just called memory or system memory RAM is just an electromagnetic storage that loses all its data once the power has been removed. 

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