QI have an external hard disk and it is infected with a virus and after i scanned it by avast, most of the data became invisible, the total size of the data still the same though!! how can i get them back please?

A: It’s so bad if you actually had the same problem, but you are so luck you are here reading this article, this article will introduce the best and easy way to solve it. Follow up.

If you encounter the same problem, do not panic, you may firstly recover your data with a data recovery like Power Data Recovery (which is the best easy to use, and with great results) in case of losing the data, then re-partition your external hard disk with a free third party partition software if you want.

Steps to recover data from infected external hard disk?

1.  Free download Power Data Recovery and install it (do not install the recovery software in the infected hard disk).

2.  Launch power data recovery you will get a clear interface.

3. To recover files from damaged partition, please select and click the functional module Damaged Partition Recovery.

4. Select the disk where partition loss emerges and click Recover button to scan the selected disk, once MiniTool finishes the quick scan, you will get damaged partitions.

5. Select the partition whose partition state is most similar to that of desired partition and click Show Files button. 

Here, you can recover files. Check files which need recovering and click Save Files to save these recovered files to a safe place (do not save them to the same place where you lost them).

After recovering the data, try to re-partition your hard disk with a free third party software like Partition Wizard, used by millions of people.

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