MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software offers a few features that are not readily available in other recovery products, such as the ability to recover from CDs and DVDs, media memory cards and iPods. Many software providers offer these features in separate products rather than in one product like this application. This file recovery software can also restore from damaged partitions or altered partitions, and it can recover deleted files. 
This file recovery software can restore all types of Windows files as well as files from all common CD and DVD discs. It supports IDE, SATA, SCSI and USB connections. Power Data Recovery has five file search options, including undelete recovery, damaged partition recovery, lost partition recovery, digital media recovery and CD/DVD recovery. We tested this software on three test PCs for the ability to recover deleted files and found that it was able to find and restore our set of files. However, it did not find all deleted files with the undelete recovery scan. We had to run the damaged partition scan to find all our deleted test files.

MiniTool offers a bootable creation CD; however, it is an additional purchase. This software also does not include a disk-imaging tool. Disk image creators are helpful if you need to restore files from a damaged disk. Using the disk imager, you can create a disk image and restore data from the image rather than the original, which is a much safer option.

Most file recovery software struggles with rendering identifiable preview images. We used the file preview option provided by Power Data Recovery to find our lost files. Although this software did not display complete images of our file content, it was able to display a vertical image of the original file name, which we found useful since recovered file names are usually altered, nonsensical strings of characters. We easily found our lost files using this preview option. It was also able to find our lost music album in one folder. However, to restore the entire album, we had to select all associated files, not just one album folder. Nevertheless, the files were kept together and were easily restored.

MiniTool provides one direct technical support option, which is by email. We contacted the company on a Friday afternoon and received an email response within hours, which is excellent. They also post a list of support topics online, and you can contact MiniTool by telephone with sales questions. 

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Power Data Recovery for Mac for Mac users.

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